Raytown C-2 School District

Board of Education
April 10, 2003
6:30 p.m.


Recognition Items


Debate and Forensics National Qualifiers - The board recognized students from Raytown High School and Raytown South High School who qualified for national competition in forensics and debate. Students representing Raytown High School are Adam Higgins in Lincoln-Douglas debate and Brad Shelor in student congress. Representing Raytown South High School are Nawal Mustafa in Lincoln-Douglas debate, Brittanee Clark in dramatic interpretation, Chase Johnson in humorous interpretation, Kristy Hensley in humorous interpretation, and Kristy Hensley and Tony Highfill in duo interpretation. For more information, contact Mark Harris with Raytown High School at 268-7300 or Kelli Morrill and Matt Good with Raytown South High School at 268-7330.


Action Items


Consent Agenda - The board approved the consent agenda, which included the following items: personnel action, presentation of bills, appoint representatives to Jackson County Board of Equalization, vocational education program evaluation, community education program evaluation, and approval of Pilot Safe Schools Grant for the 2003-2004 school year. For more information, contact Ben Helt at 268-7000.


Fourth-Grade Orchestra Program – The board discussed a previous decision to remove the fourth grade orchestra program with the elimination of the A/B schedule at the middle schools. The program was reinstated. For more information, contact Willene Hinken at 268-7000.


Reorganization of the Board  – The board completed the steps of their annual reorganization. The board took action in certifying the election results. The board then adjourned and reconvened as a reorganized board. Mark Melson, Kevin Thomas and newly elected board member Kevin Morris all took the oath of office. The board then elected new officers. Dr. Darrell Swofford was elected board president. Kevin Thomas was elected vice president. Al Brown will continue to serve as treasurer. For more information, contact Dr. Henry Russell at 268-7000.


Asphalt Bids – The board approved the low bid of $389,587 from Tompkins Paving for asphalt repair or replacement at Raytown High School, Raytown Education Center, the bus barns, Herndon Career Center East Campus and Northwood School. There is also a unit repair price cost of $11.29 per square yard. All of these projects are funded through bond money. For more information, contact Dr. John Vanderford at 268-7070.


Substitute System Software – The board approved the purchase of a new substitute management software system for $30,180. SubFinder by CRS is an automated system that should boost reliability and efficiency. The system is being purchased with bond issue funds. For more information, contact Dr. Lee Updike at 268-7120.


2003-2004 Health Insurance Rates – The board approved continued health coverage with Humana at the district-paid rate of $210.93 per month per employee and to allow employees to elect, via payroll deduction, participation in Dental Source or Companion Life Dental insurance programs for the 2003-2004 school year. For more information, contact Harold Brown at 268-7060.


MSBA Delegate Appointments - The board appointed Kevin Thomas as the delegate to the Missouri State School Boards Association. Al Brown was appointed as an alternate. For more information, contact Sue Bambini at 268-7000.


At-Risk Program Evaluation – The board approved a plan regarding the at-risk program in the Raytown C-2 School District. This plan is a part of a board goal to review current practices and implement a three-to four-year improvement program. The board asked administration to implement the no-cost items listed in Phase I starting in August 2003. For more information, contact Dr. Rick Atha or Nancy Osterhaus at 268-7000.


Information Items


Upcoming Events – The board was informed that the Deron Cherry Celebrity Golf Tournament and Auction will be held on June 30, 2003. Proceeds from this event benefit the Score 1 For Health program, which provides free health screenings to elementary students throughout the district. For more information, contact
Shirley Wurth at 268-7000.


Annual School Bus Inspection Report – The board received a report from the Annual School Bus Inspection conducted by the Missouri Highway Patrol. All 59 buses passed the inspection following on-site corrections. For more information, contact Judy Essary at 268-7170.


Board Policy 1610 Protection of Student Rights, Regulation 2400 Student Records Information – The board received revised copies of Board Policy 1610 and Board Regulation 2400 for first reading. Revisions to these policies reflect the most recent federal requirements regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment. For more information, contact Dr. Kathleen Harris at 268-7000.


Board Regulation 2655 Threats and Intimidation, and Bullying Behavior – The board received a revised version of Board Policy 2655 for first reading.  This revised policy and regulation define and outline the consequences of threatening, intimidating or bullying behavior. It also addresses student support. For more information, contact Dr. Rick Atha at 268-7000.


Graduation Assignments – The board decided which members would participate in commencement ceremonies. Board members traditionally distribute the diplomas at the event. Raytown South High School’s graduation will be held on Monday, May 19 at 7:30 p.m. Raytown High School’s graduation will be held on Tuesday, May 20 at 7:30 p.m. Both ceremonies will be held at the First Baptist Church of Raytown. For more information, contact Sue Bambini at 268-7000.